• e-Change

    An application that helps you keep your aquired weight after weight loss

  • Weight & Health

    Obesity is an increasing health issue in large parts of the world. Obesity can lead to several diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer and psychological challenges, and it can often lead to a reduced quality of life. Loosing the weight is one challenge, but only one of four people manage to keep the aquired weight after weight loss. Weight maintenance is a major obstacle and new and innovative approaches are called for.


    Introducing eCHANGE, an application developed by a competent team of doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and other health staff. eCHANGE is a guide and a tool to help you keep the weight stabilised. The application helps you to keep an overview of your lifestyle, and you can keep av log of your activity, your eating habits and your sleep patterns. eCHANGE works as a supporter, and helps you reach your goal of maintaining a healthy weight.

  • Background

    eCHANGE has gone through thorough testing at the Department of Digital Health Research at Oslo University Hospital. User-representatives has been involved through the whole process, from the idéa to the finished product. There have been a major focus on the users experiences and needs. e-CHANGE is an application that helps you in the long run, and does not focus on quick-fixes. The application is encouraging, and takes issues regarding obesity and weight seriously.