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    We are always on the lookout for fresh input and new partners. Are you a health organization, or interested in digital health? We would like to hear from you!


Our company aims to bring our digital health solutions, developed at Oslo University Hospital, to as many people as possible who have the need for support for self-management when it comes to their health. We do this by making the applications available in Appstore and in Google Play. In addition to this it will from now on be possible to get access to the applications as a members advantage through different patient- and health-organizations.

Through our partnership-model with organizations we offer your members discounts on our digital health tools. This way, members of a certain organization will get additional support through our valuable digital tools. This will not just help the individul user, but it will also strengthen the organizations general offer to their members, in the form of guidance and help via our digital solutions dHealt offers.

The Norwegian Fibromyalgia Association has startet cooperating with dHealth, and now offer their members the application Epio Member at a reduced price. Read more here.

Do you want more information about our partnership-model? Get in touch with Thomas de Mora

Primary Health Services

Our digital health solutions are clinically tested at the Department of Digital Health Research at Oslo University Hospital. Most of our solutions are developed as self-help tools to better manage different health challenges like chronic pain, stress and weight controll.

Do you as a health care provider want access to digital tools based on evidence? Studies show that our health solutions are working, and are helping patients manage their own health challenges in a more productive way. Get in touch with Thomas de Mora to hear how dHealth can contribute to give you and your patients new digital tools for guidance and follow-up inside your frames of treatment.

Our application Epio has been tested by physical therapists within the psychomotoric field. Studies show that implementing Epio in treatment leads to raising awareness, and the patients relationship to their own pain can be affected in a positive way.