• Sisom

    A communication tool for children in difficult situations

What is SISOM?

Sisom is a game-based communication platform for children. The platform is designed on the basis that children have a right to be heard, whether at the hospital, at school or in other settings where children communicate with adults. The graphic design is developed with scientists and healthcare professionals. There have been done several international studies with SISOM in healthcare settings. The results tell us that SISOM creates a safe space for children to communicate with adults when in a vulnerable position.

Sisom in a school setting

  • Bullying and feeling left out

    Bullying amongst children in school can often start early on, and it can be difficult to speak up when one is being bullied or left out. Children, especially young children, can have a hard time putting words to difficult feelings. Children in difficult situations at school can often experience isolation, and feel that their voice is not heard. Giving children a tool to communicate their feelings and experiences is extremely important to ensure childrens well-being at school.

  • School Nurse

    It is important that schools are paying attention to their childrens well-being, and are aware of possible negative impacts on a childs experience at school. The Sisom-tool can be used with a school nurse, or a similar figure, to help uncover negative experiences or feelings a child might be having that is impacting their life at school or at home. Sisom can be used to map out the childrens individual and general well-being at school, which can also help measure the school environment in large.

At School

At the Hospital

SISOM at the hospital

  • Cancer and other severe diseases

    Children suffering from cancer or other severe diseases often have a hard time communicating how they are feeling. But children have a right to take part in their own treatment, and they have a right to be heard. Sisom is developed to give children a voice when going through treatment or when communicating with the hospital. The Sisom-tool is there to make sure that the childs experience and feelings are taken into consideration.

  • Communication

    Sisom is a web-based solution that can be used anywhere and anytime, and it works on all types of screens. Children can use Sisom where they feel most comfortable, at home for instance. Healthcare-personell can then look at the rapport before the child is due for a consultation at the hospital or elsewhere.

  • Research Results

    Sisom has been part of several international studies where childrens treatment at the hospital is in focus. The results are unambiguously positive, showing that more symptoms are uncovered, challenges with the treatment are being taken into consideration earlier than before and the communication between healthcare-professionals and the patient is more empatic and effective. Sisom contributes to a better quality of treatment, without increase in consultation hours.

Studies on the use of Sisom in treatment

There have been done several studies on the use of Sisom in treatment. An article from 2018, “Tell it as it is”: How Sisom prompt children and parents to discuss their cancer experience, was published in Wiley Cancer Reports and can be read here In 2021 an article was published in the Journal of Child Health Care, Creating a communication space in the healthcare context: Childrens perspective of using the eHealth servince, Sisom, can be read here.