• Sisom

    A communication tool for children under medical treatment

  • Cancer and other severe diseases

    When cancer patients are children, they often have troubles communicating with their doctors, and it can be challenging for them to give an overview of their symptoms. Children have a right to take part in their own treatment, and they have a right to be heard. The application Sisom is developed to give children a tool to communicate, and is designed so that the children can tell their parents and doctor which symptoms they are experiencing.

  • Game-based

    Sisom is developed as a game, and is designed so that children who cannot read are going to be able to communicate with doctors and nurses. This is also a space where the children under treatment can share how they feel about their treatment.

  • Communication

    Sisom aims to improve the communication between parents and children, and between children and physicians. The information Sisom gathers will function as an overview for the childs care-takers and doctors.

  • Research showing good results

    Studies with Sisom have been done in several different international hospitals. We want Sisom to be as efficient and thorough as possible. Our developers are currently doing the finishing touches on this groundbreaking application.

Studies on the use of Sisom in treatment

There have been done several studies on the use of Sisom in treatment. An article from 2018, “Tell it as it is”: How Sisom prompt children and parents to discuss their cancer experience, was published in Wiley Cancer Reports and can be read here In 2021 an article was published in the Journal of Child Health Care, Creating a communication space in the healthcare context: Childrens perspective of using the eHealth servince, Sisom, can be read here.