• Stressproffen

    An application to help you handle increased stress-levels

  • Stress & Health

    A lot of people experience stress on a daily basis, which can have an effect on your quality of life. Being stressed over a long period of time can have negative effects on your body, and can sometimes lead to other health related issues. How to get control over your stress and working with your body instead of against it? This is where Stressproffen can be of use.

  • An app for managing stress

    Stressproffen is an app to prevent long term effects of stress, and works as a support and guide while you work on managing your stress. The solution will be available on both smartphones and tablets.

  • Tested by cancer patients

    Stressproffen has gone through several runs of testing, and has combined components of evidence-based cognitive behaviour- and stressmanaging measures, and has been adapted to these components. The result is an innovativ app-based stressmanaging program for cancer patients in Norway. A lot of cancer patients experience cancer-related stress, often in the form of uncertainty, fatigue, worry, anxiety and depression, to name a few. The results are showing that the application can be useful for a lot of cancer patients, and that digital interventions like Stressproffen has a potential to offer easily available and effective psychosocial support to cancer patients and people who struggle with other health-issues.

  • Further development

    dHealth are now continuing to develope the app before its release. The app is clinically tested with cancer patients, but Stressproffen will be available as an app for managing stress for everyone who needs this kind of support and guidance.